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    01. ...Ready For It?

    02. I Did Something Bad
    03. Gorgeous

    04. Style/Love Story/You Belong with Me Mashup

    05. Look What You Made Me Do
    06. End Game
    07. King of My Heart
    08. Delicate
    09. Shake It Off (with Camila Cabello & Charli XCX)
    10. Dancing with Our Hands Tied (Acoustic)
    11. All Too Well (Acoustic)
    12. Blank Space
    13. Dress
    14. Bad Blood/Should've Said No Mashup
    15. Don't Blame Me
    16. Long Live/New Year's Day Mashup
    17. Getaway Car
    18. Call It What You Want
    19. We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together/This Is Why We Can't Have Nice Things Mashup

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