[Fshare] Girls On 45: A Collection Of Girl Groups, Girlie Pop & Soulful Ladies 1963-1967 Volume 2,3,4 (2

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    FLAC (tracks, cue, log) | 3h 8 min | Soul, Vocal, Pop, Pop Rock | 752 MB

    Girls On 45: A Collection Of Girl Groups, Girlie Pop & Soulful Ladies 1963-1967 Volume 2 [2013]

    1 Merry Clayton– Usher Boy
    2 Ramona King– Run Johnny Run
    3 Rickie Page– I Cry Inside
    4 The Cashelles– Outside City Limits
    5 Beverly Williams– He's Hurtin' Me
    6 The Gypsies– Oh I Wonder Why
    7 Joanne Engel– The Boy With The Guitar
    8 Joanie Sommers– Don't Pity Me
    9 Gwen Stacey– How Many Times Can One Heart Break
    10 Sylvia Shemwell– He'll Come Back
    11 The Party Favors– Changed Disposition
    12 Miss Cathy Brasher– I'll Remember Jimmy
    13 Debbie Rollins– Don't Let It Get You, Girl
    14 Vicki Sallee– Wild Angel
    15 Barbara Jackson– Big Man
    16 Clydie King, The Sweet Things– Only The Guilty Cry
    17 April Young– (Will You Ever Be My) Steady Boyfriend
    18 Georgetta Banks– Sweetly And Completely
    19 The Rev-Lons– After Last Night
    20 Lynne Randell– Stranger In My Arms
    21 The Reasons– Then Came Heartbreak
    22 Joanne Engel– He's Looking This Way
    23 The Gleams– Mr. Magic Moon
    24 The Carolines– You're My Baby
    25 Ernestine Anderson– You're Not The Guy For Me
    26 Jean King– Don't say goodbye

    Girls on 45, Vol. 3: A Selection of Girl Group, Girlie Pop and Soulful Ladies 1963-1967 [2014]
    1 The Charmettes– Please Don't Kiss Me Again
    2 Jeanne Thomas– Fool's Errand
    3 Joanne Engel– Don't Wait up for Me, Mother
    4 Debbie Rollins– Who Cares What People Say
    5 The Blossoms– My Love, Come Home
    6 Beverly, The Del Capris– Mama, I Think I'm in Love
    7 Diana King– That Kind of Love
    8 Sherry Grooms– Promise
    9 Mer-Lyn– Night Fall
    10 Nancy Mason– Who's Been Telling Him
    11 Lacey Jones– I'm Gonna Tie Him Down
    12 Vicki Sallee– Jimmy Darling
    13 Tina Robin– Billy's Gone Away
    14 Piccola Pupa– Put Two Extra Candles On My Cake
    15 Ramona King– Blue Roses
    16 Sandy And The Sophomores– Walk Away Girl
    17 Sylvia St Claire– Bring Back Yesterday
    18 Joanne Engel– I Want Him
    19 Linda Hopkins– If You Walk Away
    20 Diane Renay– Troublemaker
    21 Shirley Wahls– Why Am I Crying
    22 Jill Gibson– It's as Easy as 1,2,3
    23 Cindy Williams– They Talk About Us
    24 Vicky Gomez– Boys Are a Dime a Dozen
    25 Jeanne Thomas– Life Of The Party
    26 April Young– This Time Tomorrow

    Girls on 45, Vol. 4: A Selection of Girl Group, Girlie Pop and Soulful Ladies 1962-1967 [2016]
    1 Judy Murdock– Baby Let me be Your Baby
    2 Lesley Miller– (You Got A Way Of ) Bringin' My Tears
    3 Jean DuShon– It Won't Stop Hurtin' Me
    4 Carole & Sherry– Join The World Outside
    5 Denise Germaine– Little Lost Lover
    6 Rickie Page– I'm His Girl (No One Knows Him But Me)
    7 Christine Quaite– Hugging My Pillow
    8 Dee Dee Ford– Just Like A Fool
    9 Margaret Mandolph– I Wanna Make You Happy
    10 Mary Miller– Here Comes The Heartache
    11 Diane Renay– Billy Blue Eyes
    12 Sylvia St Claire– It Hurts To See You Happy
    13 Londie And The Cameos– Foolin' Me
    14 Linda Elliot– A Little Girl Grew Up A Little Last Night
    15 Emy Jackson & The Smashmen– Say Yes, My Boy
    16 Felice Taylor– It May Be Winter Outside
    17 Jo Ann Campbell– Amateur Night
    18 Azie Mortimer– Little Miss Everything
    19 Gloria Melbourne– So Dusty
    20 Dodie Stevens– I Wore Out Our Record
    21 Nancy Mason– Jimmy Is His Name
    22 Jean DuShon– Look The Other Way
    23 Carole & Sherry– Watch From The Corner
    24 Denise Germaine– Playboy
    25 Gail Ganley– Runaway
    26 Lynne Randell– Ciao Baby
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