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    Initial D Initial D The Animation Initial D 1998 BDRip 1080 TV Series AI-Raws&ANK-Raws

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    ◎Initial D: First Stage/Initial D: First Stage

    ◎Title: Initial D: First Stage ◎Year

    ◎Place of Origin: Japan
    ◎Category Comedy/Action/Animation/Sports
    ◎Language: Japanese
    ◎First broadcast 1998-04-18 (Japan)
    ◎ Episode 26
    ◎ IMDb score 8.4/10 from 2,296 users
    ◎ IMDb link https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0385426
    ◎ Douban score 9.1/10 from 12669 users
    ◎ Douban link https://movie.douban.com /subject/1867420/
    ◎Director Shin Misawa
          Masami Hata Masami Hata
          Kudo Susumu Kudo
          Kuzuya straight Naoyuki Kuzuya
          Yamaguchi Mihiro Yamaguchi Mihiro
          Nishimoto Yukio
          Masaki Shin`ichi Masaki Shin`ichi
          Tsuda Yoshizou Tsuda Yoshizou
    ◎ Screenwriter Tsuda Yoshizou Shigeno Shuuichi
          Nobuaki kishima Nobuaki Kishima
          Toda Hiroshi Hiroshi Toda
    ◎ Starring Miki Shinichiro Shinichirô Miki
          Iwata Mitsuo Mitsuo Iwata
          Ayako Kawasumi Ayako Kawasumi
          Unshō Ishizuka Unshô Ishizuka
          Nishimura know Tomomichi Nishimura
          Takagi Shibu Wataru Takagi
          Kazuki Yao Kazuki Yao
          Tōru Furusawa Tôru Furusawa
          Koyasu Takehito Takehito Koyasu
          Seki Tomokazu Seki Tomokazu

    ◎ tag animation | Japan | racing | Initial D | Japanese animation | animation | classic | 1998

    ◎ Introduction 

      Fujiwara tofu shop's daily business is to be in every morning fresh tofu to each household Naturally, this task was not done by the lazy boss, but fell on his son-Fujiwara Takumi (voiced by Shinichiro Miki), who is still a high school student. Driving Dad’s old AE86 car on the Tyumen Mountains, Takumi has been practicing good driving skills over the years. Whether it is windy or rainy, he can prevent the water in the water cup from spilling out and the tofu is extremely fast. quick. Ever since, the title of "Autumn Mountain Bike God" spread like wildfire, slowly attracting racing masters from all walks of life, wanting to compete with Takumi. This includes the genius of the official racing team Keisuke Takahashi (voiced by Chiichi Seki), Takeshi Nakazato (voiced by Okuyuki Hiyama) who owns a luxury sports car, and others. Takumi just accepted the challenge calmly and showed his superb driving skills...
      This film is adapted from the manga of the same name by the cartoonist Shuichi Shigano. It can be described as the No.1 in the theme of drag racing. It has been serialized since 1995, and there is also a movie version of the same name.

    Unique ID: 228293617789542475958501079539287617184 (0xABBFC05FC52C8566A4FEB4B8488C6EA0)
    Complete name: C:\Users\Evan\Downloads\BT\[AI-Raws&ANK-Raws] Initial D The Animation Complete Collection\[AI-Raws&ANK-Raws] Initial DRip D960xRaws x264 DTS-HD Hi10P)\[AI-Raws&ANK-Raws] Initial D First Stage 01 (BDRip 960x720 x264 DTS-HD Hi10P)[044D7040].mkv
    Format: Matroska
    Format version: Version 2
    File size: 745 MiB
    Duration: 24 min 56 s
    Overall bit rate mode: Variable
    Overall bit rate: 4 178 kb/s
    Encoded date: UTC 2015-10-15 08:03:00
    Writing application: mkvmerge v5.4.0 ('Piper') built on Mar 10 2012 13:34:39
    Writing library: libebml v1.2.3 + libmatroska v1.3.0
    ID: 1
    Format: AVC
    Format/Info: Advanced Video Codec
    Format profile : High [email protected]
    Format settings: CABAC / 4 Ref Frames
    Format settings, CABAC: Yes
    Format settings, Reference fra: 4 frames
    Muxing mode: Header stripping
    Codec ID: V_MPEG4/ISO/AVC
    Width: 960 pixels
    Height: 720 pixels
    Display aspect ratio: 4:3
    Frame rate mode: Variable
    Original frame rate: 26.687 FPS
    Color space: YUV
    Chroma subsampling: 4:2:0
    Bit depth: 10 bits
    Scan type: Progressive
    Default: Yes
    Forced: No
    ID: 2
    Format : DTS XLL
    Format/Info: Digital Theater Systems
    Commercial name: DTS-HD Master Audio
    Muxing mode: Header stripping
    Codec ID: A_DTS
    Duration: 24 min 56 s
    Bit rate mode: Variable
    Channel(s): 6 channels
    Channel layout: CLR Ls Rs LFE
    Sampling rate: 48.0 kHz
    Frame rate: 93.750 FPS (512 SPF)
    Bit depth: 16 bits
    Compression mode: Lossless
    Default: Yes
    Forced: No
    Duration_Source: General_Duration



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