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    Shaun Chen- Qiu Jian Zhi
    Chris Tong -Zhuo Hui Qi

    Remus Kam -Luo You Wei

    Soo Wincci - Liang Qian Yi
    Emily Lim - He Le Er
    Elvis Chin - Luo Dong Hai

    The series opens with a case which sees an old couple who have been married for over fifty years, file for divorce. The wife, Chen Jin Ying, is determined on divorcing her husband, Liu Fa Zhi, despite her children’s objections. When her son, Liu Guo Dong realises that his mother is divorcing his father because she wanted to be with her ex-lover (an old man suffering from dementia), decides to hire Hui Qi and her boss, Luo You Wei, to prevent her from obtaining her rightful share of the family fortune. When Jian Zhi came to know about Jin Ying’s predicament, he decides to help her.
    Meanwhile, Hui Qi’s rough background is revealed in the next case where she stands up for Gao Yong Wen, a crippled beggar who had been injured at his previous workplace, a factory. Much to Yong Wen’s dismay, his company only compensated him with a small sum of money before firing him. Hui Qi is determined to help Yong Wen in his court case because he has previously supported her studies. It was through his financial support that she could afford to fulfill her ambition and graduate from law school.
    When Hui Qi investigates the factory where Yong Wen’s injury took place, she finds out that it belonged to Guo Dong and decides to pursue adequate compensation for Yong Wen. Guo Dong is left with no choice but to hire Jian Zhi to fight against Hui Qi. In the midst of Jian Zhi’s investigations, he discovers a shocking secret where Yong Wen had caused the death of Hui Qi’s mother by stealing her money meant for her daughter’s education and driving her to commit suicide.
    At the end of the case, Hui Qi and Jian Zhi gradually drew closer, but their love could not blossom when Jian Zhi’s ex-girlfriend, He Le Er, makes a return to his life. Le Er pleads for Jian Zhi’s sympathy, claiming that she has been living with fear due to her husband, Luo Dong Hai’s abusive behaviour. As Jian Zhi spends more time with Yue Er to help her regain confidence, his relationship with Hui Qi soured. Disappointed and crushed, Hui Qi decides to accept her boss, You Wei, who has been pursuing her, despite being married to Lin Qian Yi, who is suffering from mental illness. Qian Yi is a good and faithful wife who stood by her husband through thick and thin. She even lost her dignity as a woman to fund You Wei’s studies only to be repaid with ungratefulness, which caused her to have a mental breakdown.
    Later, Luo You Wei wanted to divorce and get together with Hui Qi. He filed for an appeal when Qiu Jian Zhi stopped him to do so. You Wei made many faked evidence to harm Jian Zhi and his family and was found out by Hui Qi. Hui Qi then reported to the police about Luo You Wei. Luo You Wei then be came a fugitive.

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