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    Son Dam Bi - The Queen (3rd Mini Album)
    Label: Pledis Entertainment
    Release Date: 2010.07.08

    Language: Korean

    Genre: Dance Pop/R&B

    After trying out acting in the Korean drama Dream, Son Dam Bi is back on the dance floor for her third mini-album Queen. The dancing queen's new release is produced by Kim Tae Hyun, the composer of After School's Bang, T-ara's "I Go Crazy Because of You", and countless other hits. Titular song Queen incorporates rock, electronica, and rap into a catchy pop dance tune. The album's main track Can't U See, meanwhile, is a mellow mid-tempo number from Rainism composer Bae Jin Ryeol. There are other big-name composers onboard for this small but powerful mini-album; After School's Kahi helped compose the sexy Beat Up By A Girl, and American songwriter Jimmy Andrew Richard contributed Super Duper.

    01 dB Rider.flac 25.44 MB
    02 queen.flac 26.93 MB
    03 Beat up by a girl.flac 25.78 MB
    04 Can't U see.flac 28.18 MB
    05 Super Duper.flac 27.57 MB
    06 queen (inst ).flac 24.15 MB
    07 Can't U see (inst ).flac 24.46 MB



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