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    2006|SACD-DSF|13 track|1.71Gb

    01. Sometimes When We Touch [04:18]

    02. First of May (from Melody fair) [03:03]
    03. Smile (from Modern times) [03:30]
    04. You Don’t Know Me (from My best friend’s weddding) [04:03]
    05. When I Fall In Love (from Sleepless in Seatle) [03:11]
    06. When I Fall In Love (from Sleepless in Seatle) [03:11]
    07. Guitar Interlude [01:20]
    08. As Time Goes By (from Casablanca) [03:23]
    09. More (from Mondo cane) [03:35]
    10. Sway (from Shall we dance) [03:02]
    11. Memory (from Cats) [03:57]
    12. In The Wee Small Hours of The Morning (from Sleepless in Seatle) [03:12]
    13. Fallen (from Pretty woman) [03:16]
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