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    The Story of Lady Sue 1992 NTSC DVD5 | 18+

    Title Su nu jing
    Year 1992

    Genre Horror

    Rating 6.2 (22 votes)
    Plot Misleading title. There is no character in this film called Lady Sue, nor any name even remotely similar. Young master Ying Feng is kicked out of home by his father, a master of mystical magic cures, because the "leader of black religion" is out to kill his entire family. Honest and stout-hearted, Ying Feng punches three guys who want to screw pretty dancer Miss Fan. Fan gets sweet on Feng and he agrees to let her stay with him. The Fairy comes to town, touting his magic powers to cure the sick…
    Director Yee-Hung Lam
    Casts Maria Tung Ling / Lap-Man Tan / Cheung Chan / Chung-You Chang / Shang Chen…
    Runtime 69 min

    RELEASE NAME..: CAT.III-The.Story.of.Lady.Sue.1992.NTSC.DVD5
    ENCODED DATE..: UTC 2015-10-08 00:43:49
    RELEASE SIZE..: 4.09 GiB
    RUNTIME.......: 1h 27mn
    FRAMERATE.....: 29.970 fps
    BITRATE.......: 6 202 Kbps
    RESOLUTION....: 720x480
    AUDIO.........: Chinese AC3 [email protected] Kbps
    SUBTITLES.....: Chinese, English
    CHAPTERS......: Yes
    ENCODER....: Anonymous




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