[Fshare] The Fortunes - The Complete Decca Singles 1963-1967 and More (2015)

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    FLAC (tracks) | Pop Rock, Beat, BritPop, Rock'n'Roll | 1h 17 min | 389 MB

    01. Caroline

    02. If You Don't Want Me Now
    03. Come On Girl
    04. I Like The Look Of You
    05. Look Homeward Angel
    06. I'll Have My Tears To Remind Me
    07. You've Got Your Troubles
    08. I've Got To Go
    09. Looking Through The Eyes Of Love
    10. Won't You Give Him (One More Chance)
    11. This Empty Place
    12. I'm Still Alone
    13. If We Lived On Top Of A Mountain
    14. Laughing Fit To Cry
    15. Coloured Lights
    16. All Cried Out
    17. Voice Your Choice
    18. Time To Be Going
    19. Here It Comes Again
    20. Things I Should Have Known
    21. This Golden Ring
    22. Someone To Care
    23. You Gave Me Someone To Love
    24. Silent Street
    25. Gone From My Mind
    26. Is It Really Worth Your While
    27. Am I Losing My Touch
    28. Our Love Has Gone
    29. Truly Yours
    30. Summertime Summertime
    31. I Love Her Still
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