[Fshare] 王俊杰 (Wang Jun-jie) - Taste Of Colors: Wang Jun-jie's Piano Diary (2005) [APE]

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    Taste Of Colors: Wang Jun-jie's Piano Diary


    This album has taken 3 years to complete. From composing to recording and producing, Wang Jun-Jie has taken part in each step of the process. Listen carefully and you can taste the colors he paints with his music.

    Wang Jun-Jie, a creative blind musician regenerates his past through the music he creates. Using his heart he composes his music to express the exquisite detail and richness of life. Listening to his music is like appreciating a fine painting filled with vivid colors and intricate stories. The eleven pieces of music connect with our common memories of love, true friends, and hometowns.

    01. 俊杰日记
    02. 离开台北去旅行
    03. 观音山下
    04. 某日
    05. 那个青春期
    06. 雨后
    07. 我的盲人兄弟
    08. 门口埕的祖孙对话
    09. 冬山河
    10. 我的彩色冥想
    11. ,:!。

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